What will you do with your stimulus check?

If you live in the United States and earn less than $80,000 as an individual, or $160,000 as a married couple, you’re likely to receive a stimulus check soon. You may have already received it. Do you know what you’ll do with the money?

They call it a stimulus check, as though it’s meant to stimulate the economy and set the country moving towards recovery. Some people may hear that and think it’s their obligation to spend their stimulus check, to do their part in this national economic stimulating. I disagree.

It is your obligation to do what makes the most sense for your family. Are you desperate for groceries? Get them. Are you behind on your rent and risking eviction? Catch back up. Are you fortunate enough to be in a comfortable situation, with no real needs? There should be no guilt in stashing that money away for a rainy day. Or, if you’re able, being generous with it.

But do not feel pressure to spend the money in any way that does not benefit your personal situation. Don’t buy a gym membership to prop up the local gym if you’re struggling to put gas in your car. These checks are gifts meant to help keep people whole during this unusually fragile time. Don’t squander it by buying unneccessary things in the name of national economics.

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