Chris Cookley

Reading List

I believe some of the most incredible things we can learn are from books. I hope you get a ton of value from this blog, but I know I can’t teach you everything. The books below are books that I have read and personally learned a lot from.

Some are old, some are new. Some you may have read, some you may not. They’re in alphabetical order because I can’t imagine trying to order them in any reasonable way otherwise. I recommend them all.

Fumio Sasaki


This book is an excellent dive into the world of minimalism. We live in a capitalist society that insists what will make us happy is stuff. Goodbye, things argues the opposite, and I found the argument compelling.

Ramit Sethi


One of the first books I ever read on money, I Will Teach You to Be Rich outlines everything practical you need to know to grow wealth. Ramit Sethi has spent well over a decade educating on personal finance, and this book is the real deal.

Robert T. Kiyosaki


Rich Dad Poor Dad is a classic money mindset book. There are ways that rich families act around money that are fundamentally different than poor families. Our actions and mentalities determine our lives. This is a great read if you feel limited with your money mindset.

Napoleon Hill


The original money mindset book. It’s literally in the title. Napoleon Hill is a legend in the financial space, and for good reason. This book is almost 100 years old, and it still sells in incredible numbers. If you’ve never read this book, buy a copy right now.