Dream together! Then plan it out and make it happen.

If you’re walking this financial journey with your spouse or significant other, to be successful at it you should have a shared vision of the future. When we focus on what we want, those things tend to come to us. Maybe not in the way we expect, or when we would like, but in time, they often do. This is the Law of Attraction. It’s very important that you discuss what you want your future to look like with your spouse. Things like: Where do you want to live? What type of house do you want to own? What type

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Investing just $1/hr can make you a millionaire

My brother-in-law is 12 years younger than me, and recently got a $2/hr raise. He was already making enough to live an independent life, albeit a simple one, so this raise is just extra money. There are a couple things he can do: Add $2/hr to his budget and spend it each month. $2/hr at 40 hours per week is $320 additional pre-tax dollars he can spend. It would be a nice lifestyle increase. Invest his entire $2/hr raise in his retirement, live on the same amount of money he does now, and move on. This might be a harder

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Everyone needs a checking account

I recently saw a statistic that there are something like 7,000,000 “unbanked” households in the United States. This means these households do not have a checking account or savings account. They either use cash or prepaid debit cards for everything. I don’t understand this. You should absolutely have at least a checking account, but ideally a checking account and savings account. Almost every bank will let you open both if you open one, and you should. Now, I understand that a lot of big banks with physical branches charge ridiculous fees for things like overdrafts, minimum account balances, direct deposit,

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Are you lighting your money on fire with unnecessary monthly expenses?

If you have a solid budget then you’ll know exactly where your money is going each month, and what you’re spending it on. Knowing where and what is great, but the next step is to decide if it’s necessary. In this age of service by subscription (think cable, Netflix, Beachbody, etc.) it’s too easy to start paying for something you never use. For a lot of people, this is the classic gym membership. We sign up with the best intentions, but never workout. Or we go for a few months and then stop. I can almost guarantee you have services

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Try to budget one month ahead

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “living paycheck to paycheck.” It’s pretty self explanatory, but it means you use your most recent paycheck to fund your life until you receive your next paycheck. There is an implied lack of safety where if you run out of money from your most recent paycheck, you simply have no money until your next paycheck. One month ahead is what I think you should be aiming for, and it’s what my family lives by. What does that mean? It’s pretty simple. All of the money we earn in, say, January, is the money we

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