Chris Cookley

Don’t fear a budget

A lot of people think “budget” is a four letter word. They think of a budget as something that is constraining; something that stands in the way of fun. Most of the time, users of the budget forget that they set the budget.

This anguish is often driven by fear. The fear that with a budget, restaurants will no longer be an option. The fear that with a budget, a fancy pair of shoes or a new watch will be unobtainable. And the fear of the unknown, because a budget is seldom understood by anyone who doesn’t use one.

A budget should not be feared. It isn’t complicated. You simply take all of your income over a given time period, usually one pay cycle, or one month, and you decide what you want to spend your money on. Do you value eating out? Put it in the budget, and enjoy the meal.

And definitely don’t fear a budget.

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