Day 8: Last Day, Alchemy Class | Carnival Magic, 2019

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Day 8 of our Carnival Magic cruise was the last sea day of the cruise, and the last day of the cruise period. We got off to a lazy morning, and didn’t really do much besides lay around and read most of the day. In the afternoon, we took a mixology class from one of the fantastic Alchemy bartenders that we had all week, Natalia. That was super fun, and we were so honored to be included in that. We learned the composition of cocktails, how to shake drinks, how to mix drinks, and how to do the fun little orange peel fire that they’re so well known for at the Alchemy bar.

The rest of the day sort of slipped away as we packed our bags and prepared ourselves to depart the ship. It was a wonderful cruise, and a vacation we’ll remember for a very long time. We love cruising, and we’re so glad we’re able to do it, and to share it with you. Thanks for taking this vacation with us, and watching these videos.


Carnival Magic


December 2019