Day 7: CHEERS! DAY!!! | Carnival Magic, 2019

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Day 7 of our Carnival Magic cruise was quite possibly the best day of all. It was Cheers! day! Cheers! day is a day we made up, but had been looking forward to for as long as we had the cruise booked. When you book a Cheers! package with Carnival, you can get up to 15 alcoholic drinks per day. On Cheers! day, our goal was hit that 15 drinks limit. For some people, this is no big deal, but the closest we got on any day other than cheers day was 12 or possibly 13 drinks in a day.

It was also our second sea day, and our first of two consecutive sea days to end the cruise. We spent the entire day lounging about, consuming delicious drinks from all over the ship, and having an absolute blast marking off each of our drinks on our Cheers! day shirts.

We loved Cheers! day, and we will 100% be doing another on just about every Carnival cruise we book.


Carnival Magic


December 2019