Chris Cookley

Summer is here

Here I am on the porch again.

I spent this Memorial Day weekend doing two things: hanging out with my daughter while my wife had to work, and getting my yard ready for the summer, and specifically, next weekend.

The “getting the yard ready” activity included such things as mowing, edging, cutting down new growth in places there should be none, setting up our swimming pool, installing a new pool filter, and my favorite, hanging lights over our fire pit. That’s one that I’m super excited about.

Next weekend is my wife’s birthday. It’s a pretty big one, and she’s very excited about it. We both wish times were different and we weren’t living in the middle of a pandemic (we were supposed to be on a cruise for the weekend), but we’ve got what we’ve got. I’m doing what I can to make the day and the weekend special for her.

Oh, and mixed in with all that yard work, I was able to put down about 4,000 words, so that’s great too. It’s been such a busy weekend.

Happy Memorial Day.

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