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New notebook type of feelings

Do you see the size of that notebook?? The monster in my left hand… see it now? That one? It’s bigger than my face.

If you’re wondering, it’s the Leuchtturm1917 Master A4 Plus Dotted in Black, and I just got it, and I love it. Let’s discuss.

A notebook, for me, is a very important device. I’m an analogue guy at heart, and if my hand could keep up with my thoughts (and if it wouldn’t cramp as I wrote), I’d do my actual book writing in a notebook. Alas, these fingers move too slow, and are too sloppy, to be of any use in that regard. But I do take notes. I take a ton of notes, actually. And historically, I’ve been a Moleskin guy.

That changed (partially) in the last couple weeks with this new Leuchtturm. You see, I’m planning out Book 0 in my new series, and I’ve been frustrated at how limiting my standard Moleskin notebook has been. I write small, but I still can’t fit much on a page. And then I’m stuck flipping from page to page to page, constantly looking for my various thoughts, trying to get from one spot to the next. It was disorganized. It was a cluster.

It wasn’t working.

Enter this A4 plus sized behemoth. It’s 8.75″ wide by 12.5″ tall… closed. So when it lays open it’s almost 19″ wide by 12.5″ tall. If my math is right, it’s close to 231 square inches when it’s open. Can you say room to work? Because I can, and I love it. Also, it’s dotted. This is my first dotted notebook (after years of plain paper), and it’s been a life changer for keeping my letters in line.

I’m usually writing at some sort of crazy slant, and then things are all the more difficult to read. Who needs that? Not me. I won’t go back.

I’m using this notebook to plot out my current book, and it will only ever be used for plotting out books. Things like character profiles, scene lists, notes, timelines, clues, etc., all of that will go in the monster. I bet I can write 10 books with this thing. Time will tell.

But don’t despair for the Moleskin, I’m still using one. They’re nice to have around, and it’s a great size notebook to carry throughout the house. The Leuchtturm will live on my desk, forever and ever, Amen.

Even when I’m working at my desk, I’ve still been using the Moleskin. It’s become something of a scratch pad as I think through different scenarios and paths for my characters and my plot. But once I make a decision, I put it in the Leuchtturm. I guess I’m a touch nuts about it, but I want to keep the notebook organized.

So that’s it. It’s huge. Hilariously huge. Like, bigger than my laptop huge. But I love it so far. Go look it up if you’re looking for a great notebook for serious note taking. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. I haven’t been yet.

Oh, and real quick, the links in this post are technically affiliate links. I have no idea how it works, I’ve never done it before, but I think if you click them and then buy the thing (they just link to Amazon), I’ll get a small percentage of that? The notebooks won’t cost you any extra.


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