A Thousand Cells Divided

A cell, singular and alone
Swimming in a dark mysterious place
Bathed in blood and food
Cannibalistic almost, consuming like kind
It splits, one becoming two
Two becomes four becomes eight
Every revolution of the sun
Sheds light in fleeting glances
On the cell that becomes so much more
From the divisions, a nose
An ear, an eye, fingers, toes
An incredible shape, it looks familiar
Familial, resembling mother and father
Two halves joining to one
Then splitting to two, four, six, eight
A billion cells so close they’re solid
So far apart they never touch
Base elements so distinct as to mimic
The celestial galaxy we float in
A body, composed of innumerous tiny galaxies
Arranged in just such a way to mirror
The features in me to you
My child, my infinite miracle